Shabbatot and hagim are incredible experiences in Israel!

At Amudim, many of the chagim— Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Simhat Torah, Hanukah, Purim, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Yom Yerushalayim, and Shavuot—are celebrated together, allowing students to experience beauty, flavor and intensity of hag in Israel while being joined by Rabbeim and teachers who deliver special shiurim, participate in panel discussions or lead student-centered activities and hagigot throughout the day.

Three different types of Shabbat schedules allow students to get the most out of Shabbat in Israel as well.


  • Once every three weeks, the entire midrasha spends Shabbat together in Modi'in.

  • Students are joined by faculty members and their families.

  • This allows for more personal and unique discussions and for students to form close connections with their teachers.


  • Free Shabbatot where students are encouraged to visit friends and relatives or explore new places in Israel for Shabbat and to recharge their batteries.
  • Of course students always have the option to stay in their apartments. In this case, they are encouraged to join teachers and community members for Shabbat meals and are provided with assistance, if necessary, in making arrangements.


  • A truly unforgettable experience in which the entire midrasha leaves Modi'in to experience Shabbat together in cities throughout Israel.
  • Sharing Shabbat with communities around Israel inspires students to value the Land of Israel’s spiritual dimensions, the roles it plays in Jewish history and the shaping of Jewish identity, and to truly experience contemporary life in Israel.
Our students enjoying their seudat hamafseket before Yom Kippur.

Our students enjoying their seudat hamafseket before Yom Kippur.