Safrut seminar

In what is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, our students study the halakhot and art of safrut with a professional sofer stam, together with whom that take part in writing a Megillat Esther.

Learn more about our sofer stam here.

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Chilutz atzamot

Fostering healthy mind, body and spirit, weekly Chilutz Atzamot sessions take you out of the Beit Midrash and into the gym offering Boot camps and classes in Zumba, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and other combinations of exercise. "Think Higher" and work to your potential in every aspect of the Amudim experience! 

Jerusalem Mondays

Jerusalem serves as the backdrop for all Monday afternoon classes, the centerpiece of which is “Tanakh at the Bible Lands Museum.” Additional classes in Hassidut, Hebrew literature, Jewish history and Safrut are held at the museum, National Library of Israel and in the Old City.

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 the midrasha at Bar-ilan

On Wednesdays, we study in the largest beit midrash for women in the world, the Midrasha at Bar-Ilan, where leading scholars and rabbis blend traditional Talmud Torah with modern scholarship.

Week-in Review

This special hour is geared toward reflection upon texts, concepts, arguments, and ideas that students have encountered over the course of their week at Amudim. This time allows students to consider and articulate which ideas spoke to them, their personal positions on matters, and how the disparate aspects of their learning fit into the larger tapestry of their intellectual and spiritual Jewish identities.

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