Tiyulim at Amudim

Tiyulim at Amudim take students across the length and width of Israel and are well-orchestrated so that students get the most fun, excitement, exhilaration and meaning out of every step they take.

From the desert and beaches of Eilat to the lush mountains of the Golan to the subterranean archives at the Hebrew University, our Tiyulim are designed to provoke discussion of:

  • The religious significance of the land of Israel and the physical connection to our homeland.

  • The role of sacrifice in Jewish texts and within our contemporary experience.

  • Nature, beauty, science and religion.

  • How historical conditions impact jewish thought; past and present.

  • Jewish sects and denominations and living in a fractured world.

  • Ancient texts and their transmission through the ages.

  • Politics, military service, and Israel advocacy.

There’s nothing like a tiyul ba-Aretz!

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Negev and Eliat: Science and the Supernatural

Visit the Ramon Crater with its adjacent Science Museum, where we see how our planet took shape. Head to Eilat and hike Har Shlomo and the Red Canyon, cool off with water sports on the Red Sea. Discuss the relationship between science and the miracle of Jewish existence. At Amudim, each tiyul is an opportunity to explore the physical history that dovetails with our Torah study.


Adulam Region: Seeing Tanach

Hike in Emek Ha’Elah, where Shmuel describes David fighting Goliath. Visit Sha’arayim, a recently uncovered city from the Davidic monarchy. Visit the Biblical Museum of Natural History, where we see the animals that the Tanach so often recalls. Discuss the importance of our physical connection to our homeland. 


Shomron:  Temples and Altars    

Visit Shilo, where the Mishkan stood. Visit the altar to the ba’al at Sebastia. Visit Har Bracha to the ancient Samaritan temple and to meet with the current Samaritan priests and see the altar where they bring a Passover sacrifice to this day. Discuss the role of sacrifice in our texts and in our contemporary experience.


Golan: The World of Chazal

 Visit the Talmudic village of Katzrin. Hike at Madrassa, Nachal Zavitan, and Nachal Snir. Discuss how the physical and historical conditions in which chazal lived impacted their teachings, and how their teachings should impact us.      


Dead Sea Region: Sects and Sectarianism 

Hike up Masada, home to the Zealot faction during Great Rebellion. Visit Qumran, where a hermit sect authored the Dead Sea scrolls. Enjoy the unique experience of floating in the Dead Sea and the Ein Gedi and Ein Bokek hikes. Discuss what different Jewish sects meant then and how it should affect how we view our fractured Jewish world today.   


Tiberius: Life of the Rambam   

Visit Rambam’s tomb as well as the adjacent Maimonides Heritage Center.  Enjoy water sports in the Kinneret and hiking at Nachal Amud. Attend a chocolate making workshop at the artisan Galita Workshop.  Discuss Rambam’s writings and his impact on contemporary Jewry.