Amudim is a place for inquiring minds and seekers who are highly motivated to think on their own, get their big questions answered and raise new ones. 


There is a lot of creativity to learning at Amudim, as students formulate their own interpretations, draw comparisons, apply theory and uncover meaning. 


Our students’ most important asset is… Themselves. At Amudim, diversity is celebrated as students carve their own paths, finding a sense of self from the learning and, in turn, making Torah “their own.” 


Our faculty members, scholars in their fields familiar with the most current scholarship and trends of thought, bring fresh and innovative approaches, always pressing students to “think higher,” sharpen their thoughts, consider the significance and implications of each comment and respectfully critique one another, fostering within their seminars an atmosphere of openness and critical exchange.


Amudim’s mission to teach a Torat Chayim and nurture a Torah personality is geared at helping each student internalize and process what she is learning and understand how it can be incorporated into her life. 


The Amudim experience fosters healthy mind, body and spirit, providing opportunities for exploration, recreation, and physical fitness.     


Amudim inspires students to value the Land of Israel’s spiritual dimensions, the roles it plays in Jewish history and Jewish identity, and to truly experience contemporary life in Israel.