Chesed and Internships

Amudim teaches a Torat Chayim and Torat Chesed, emphasizing that responsibility for community and the Jewish people is a direct extension of limmud ha-Torah and that part of leading a Torah lifestyle is to dedicate oneself to engaging with society. To this end, Amudim asks students to devote time and energy each week to those less fortunate or take up a small internship in Israel.

Taking time for Jewish communal service or to contribute to Israeli society not only provides a much-needed yet meaningful break from intensive study, but also puts the knowledge, skills, and values acquired at Amudim in dialogue with the world outside of its walls. 

To ensure that each student gets the most out of her chesed or internship experience, a mentor at Amudim guides each student in developing a game-plan, asks her to chart her progress and check in regularly for assessments with a supervisor on-site, at the location of the mission, or in-house.